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Anna Balfour

Anna creates, reflects, intuits and loves connecting things, ideas and people. More conventional titles would be Clinical psychologist, therapist, business owner, artist.

About Anna

Anna and her husband, both Brits, have lived in Amsterdam, working with those struggling with addiction, Bogotá, Colombia with street kids, and in Liberia, West Africa, where Anna ran a team that created and ran a program for children with PTSD in the aftermath of Liberia’s civil war. She also was involved in the debriefing offered to various mission agencies in the Ivory Coast, following evacuation from Liberia.

The move to the USA in 2006, with their three children led to Anna building a full private therapy practice in Wayne, PA . She also worked as an Adjunct Professor at Eastern University, and was responsible for bringing Schema Therapy to Pennsylvania,
facilitating a group of PA Schema therapists. She is a co-author of a chapter in the seminal British authored book "Creative Methods in Schema Therapy" by Heath and Startup. One of her most interesting opportunities was speaking at the UN building in New York to Nexus, the largest network of significant next-gen philanthropists, impact investors and social entrepreneurs in the world. She spoke on the importance of Investing in Yourself.


Anna is now retired and is loving being actively involved in the nearby State Prison where she runs a Healing through Arts program for residents of the prison, with funding from the local Cultural Arts Association. She is also involved in the songwriter’s program in the prison and is excited to get this written up, in conjunction with the CAA, so more volunteers can be recruited to work in the program. She can also be found on a pickleball court or listening to live music which abounds at the beach town where she and her husband live, in Northwest Florida.

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